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A short overview of some of the services we provide.

Web design and build

We build websites for your users. That means, ensuring that the website we deliver for you meets the needs of your target audience. It also means we pay as much attention to building the structure of your site as we do to building the presentation layer; and in adhering to the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) when writing the HTML code that will drive it. Why? Because:

  • this ensures that people will actually want to re-visit your site rather than just visit it once;
  • those using assisted technologies will actually be able to use your site;
  • search engines like Google will know what to make of your site (which helps improve your search ranking);
  • it's the best way of ensuring that your site will continue to work well in the future.

Content management

The best looking website, or intranet, in the world isn't much use if:

  1. it's structured so badly that no one can find anything on it; or
  2. it's so difficult to maintain that the information on it quickly falls out of date.

So managing content is very important and something we put a lot of effort in to getting right for our clients, whether it's for a site we've developed or for an existing site. Sometimes that means leveraging existing systems to deliver information - we have considerable experience of getting data out of legacy Government databases and out on to the web; and sometimes that means writing a web application for updating a part, or all, of a site. We have also developed fully integrated file management systems for clients and developed custom Microsoft Office templates to aid in the storage, retrieval, and presentation of data.


We can provide assistance with a wide range of IT projects, from designing a new website to providing guidance on the best type of strategy to adopt when sending e-mails to your clients or members.

Accessibility solutions

As well as ensuring that our own work meets or exceeds the required accessibility standards, we can provide accessibility audits of any website or intranet. We've also developed an open source testing tool - written in python and XUL - to help assess the accessibility of your site.

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