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Some examples of the projects that we have worked on recently. For more information about any of these projects or to find out more about the work we do, please get in touch.

Online email distribution system

Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC)

screenshot: aic online email system

AIC is the leading trade association in the agrisupply industry. To allow the various Sector heads within the organisation to send regular email briefings to the organisation's members, we designed and developed a bespoke online email distribution system. The system is integrated with AIC's frequently updated members database, and includes an online editing and approval process; as well as providing a detailed record of all the emails that are sent, along with the records from the previous system.

Website design and content management

Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA)

screenshot: mpa website

We redesigned the MPA website, including the migration of the existing technical architecture from an IIS-based ASP system to Apache and PHP. The system supports user registration, page-based commenting and feedback, user-based permissions, includes a list server (for e-mail distribution) and supports a monthly live video stream of the MPA Full Authority meeting.

Transactional website, integrated with WorldPay

Cooden Cellars Independent Wine Merchants

screenshot: cooden cellars website

We undertook the development of a bespoke new transaction-based website to allow Cooden Cellars to sell their products online for the first time. The site includes support for user commenting and feedback; a blog; and an online wine club.

Online public consultation system

Communities and Local Government (CLG)

screenshot: clg consultation website

CLG have run a number of online public consultations using a bespoke system developed by us. Each consultation includes a public registration system, online survey, live survey summary and results, with client administered data downloads in both RTF (Rich Text) and CSV (Comma Separated) formats.

Research Management Database

Department for Transport (DfT), Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG)

The Research Management Database (RMD) is used by DfT and CLG to manage all of the research projects funded by each Department. The original project involved integration with each Department's corporate directory system, migration of the existing database platform and implementation of a website version of the data for public consumption to comply with departmental Freedom of Information requirements. A support contract is now in place, under which the RMD has been updated in line with changes in IT infrastructure and management requirements in both Departments.

Commercial website

Approved Inspector Services (AIS)

screenshot: approved inspector services website

We worked closed with AIS to design a new website for their organisation. They wanted a site that would be easy to maintain and that would showcase their work to potential new clients, as well as reflect the nature of their work.

Growth Points database

Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG)

To help CLG to obtain a current picture of progress within regional Growth Points* on environmental conditions and major transport issues, we designed a secure site to enable the Growth Points to submit status updates. The site provides automatic reminders to the Growth Points; allows CLG and other nominated organisations to respond to the updates; and provides a system to allow CLG to send e-mails to all of the parties involved in the process. It also provides both data and report downloads for CLG in a number of different formats.

* The Growth Points initiative was announced in 2005. It is a bottom up Partnership for Growth with local authorities coming forward with their own sustainable growth proposals for how they could deliver new housing in a sustainable way above previous growth targets. See Growth Points [CLG site] for more.

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